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Embedding ourselves in your reality, we get to know you, your users, and your business goals. Our nimble team of strategists, designers, content creators, developers and project managers all share a passion for seeing our clients succeed.

At Forwardslash, it’s not about our domain, it’s about yours.

Websites made complicated.
(For us, not you.)

Measurable growth starts with a clear digital strategy, and is achieved by creating an experience that delivers real value to your audience. We employ a structured approach to engage consumers with your business while brilliantly impacting your bottom line.

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Content Strategy
and Copywriting

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User Interface Design

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Web Development

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Web Business Developers

Our team starts with one important question: how can your business use digital to grow? Then, we combine in-depth research with results-driven strategy to develop beautiful, innovative sites that resonate with your target market and direct business growth one way – Forward /

Joseph Hoffman


Develops: Your digital team

Joseph is the company’s founder, and a hands-on leader who ensures the right team and resources are assigned to each client. He encourages the entire team to explore, innovate, and push the boundaries of what’s possible in digital in order to help clients achieve their business goals and dreams.

Sholom Rubin

UX Strategist

Develops: Your digital strategy

As a user experience strategist, Sholom begins his process by researching and developing the strategy your site needs to successfully achieve its objectives. He then directs a team of developers, writers, and front end-designers to build a smooth site flow that creates optimal conversions.

Nikola Topalović


Develops: A tight workflow

As team lead, Nikola provides end-to-end strategy and coordinates all the moving parts to your project, managing the team and its processes to deliver your project right on schedule.

Ivana Ivković

Senior UI Designer

Develops: An enjoyable visual experience for your audience

Ivana is our senior graphic designer, in charge of your site’s layout and look. She intuitively understand how to translate your business’s branded look and feel into a clean, modern site that engages visitors

Branislav Jerinić

Lead Frontend Developer

Develops: The interactive experiences your audience loves

As a front-end and WordPress developer with over a decade of experience, Branislav leads the development team in implementing development best practices and new technologies. UI animations & interactions are his wheelhouse, and he’s always excited to learn and apply new processes and technologies.

Boris Djemrovski

Lead Backend Developer

Tamara Soro

UI Designer

Develops: Your brand’s persona through visuals

As our endlessly talented in-house user interface specialist, Tamara intuitively understands how to translate your site's objectives into engaging visuals. She works with the team to map out and design creative and innovating layouts and user experiences.

Mattie Holtzberg


Develops: Your brand’s voice

Mattie creates your website’s messaging and content. She begins by learning what makes your business tick, and then creates clear, engaging copy that draws site visitors in and generates response.

Dejan Stanic

Web Developer

Develops: Solutions to your most complex problems

Web developer Dejan loves nothing more than a good challenge. Driven and focused, he perseveres through complex programming problems, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in digital.

Vukasin Popovic

Frontend Developer

Develops: A seamless user experience

Fluent in a bevy of computer languages, front-end developer Vukasin is responsible for ensuring your website’s front end responds and performs just as it was designed to - and that it looks its best across all computer and mobile browsers.

Tijana Topalovic

Data Specialist

Develops: Your data into clear, accessible information

With a keen eye for details, instinct for clear communication, and a love of learning and coding, Tijana is a wonderful asset to Forwardslash development team. She draws on her rich experience in web research and data entry to organize a clear database that’s invaluable both your team and ours.

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(formerly WEBexpo) is a Brooklyn based web design, content and development agency. We’re results driven and delivery oriented. Eminently practical, we convert creative energy into practical expressions. We value and employ a structured approach to problem solving.

We work with our clients to create a direct connection to their consumers from upfront strategy all the way through execution to catapult businesses courageously into the webosphere.

Discover what people are saying about us!

I must say that it’s everything I “envisioned” It would look like, 100 times nicer. I’m extremely impressed by the small details you had in mind which makes all the difference. Thank you again for creating my vision!

Izzy S

CEO Envision CPD Visit website
You guys are the best, excellent job designing our website, even helping with the content, would rate it 100++, very professional and knowledgeable, we get GREAT feedback from prospects, I already recommended you for a few people and will so in the future.

Abe Glantz

CEO PC Payroll Inc
After years of looking for a competent web development firm, I can finally say we found a knowlegeable and trustworthy firm. We operate a large clothing retail site, that had several issues. we contacted joseph very last minute after weeks of negotiation with top web development companies, in Mahattan that were charging astronomical amounts and still had some bad reviews.
I cannot thank Joseph (the ceo) and forwardslash enough for what they did for us. It is really hard to find good people that actually care about the success of your business and this company is one of them. For weeks they were available 24/7 and helped us immensely. We had a very successful holiday season and it was a lot thanks to them.

Mariana Pires

COO Visit website
Joseph & Team I must tell you I've worked with many vendors and graphic designers, never have seen a company like yours being so devoted as if it would have been your own business, putting so much hearts and Minds into creating the website Thanks again for you and your devoted team especially Yakov, Sholom and all!

Joel Hartman

CEO Visit website
The site, the emails, the social media platforms... they all look great because of each of you! Thank you so much for persevering to make StoriesToArt the best it could be!

Tracy Landon

CEO Visit website
I must thank you for a truly great experience beyond words!! It came out beautiful, as expected! I came to Forwardslash from seeing your previous projects, so my expectations for very high!! My biggest thanks to Sholom for listening to my .... for hours on end!! Joseph, you promised me an experience where we would be taken care of all the way, thanks again for delivering!!

Shaya Sternhill

CS & Sales Manager Visit website
Joseph, Yakov and the whole team Congratulations. It is stunning, beyond expectation. I can't thank you and your team enough for making sure this gets to the finish line. The patience you all have combined with your amazing insight understanding and abilities are what make you the best people to work with. Once again Mazal Tov on a job well done.

Avi Jachimowitz

Eretz Realty Visit website
Team Forwardslash You have accomplished something amazing here! What a magnificent job in executing the vision and turning this into a reality. I am so very proud to showcase the Club to the millions of consumers that have purchased a Chefman branded product. I often get asked by competitors; “what tangible ROI will we see from projects such as these?” I love that question because it shows how clueless our competitors are. Projects like these are priceless. The Club coupled with our new product innovation initiative will revolutionize this billion dollar industry and we will be at the forefront of the coming change.

Ralph Newhouse

CEO Visit website
Hi Joseph,

I wanted to thank you for getting the web site done so quickly! It was an absolute pleasure to work with Avi and your team – He’s SWESOME! Very attentive, patient and easy to work with. Thank you for assigning him to this project. There’s no doubt it was due to his efforts and project management that it went as smoothly as it did.

Susan Calles

National Marketing Manager Visit website

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