Rethink: Space | Forwardslash - Web Strategy, Design, & Development in Brooklyn, NY

The Challenge

To handle all coding for the site of an innovative, fast-growing company, and then to translate that site into a mobile version.

Tudelü represents the spirit of innovation, a company with a new and useful idea. Their product is a quickly and conveniently retractable wall: buyers can enjoy more space or more privacy with the flick of a switch. Since they offer different eco-friendly materials and utilize new technologies, Tudelü’s swift success is no surprise.

The Process

We worked In collaboration with a great design team hired by Tudelu, a team that demanded the best, We took a very hands-on approach to bring our client’s ambitious — though creative — ideas to life. Using Javascript, we wrote the fabric of their websites and realized their vision in a way that they were thrilled with. This was no easy feat, especially considering the tight deadlines from a company with such a rapid success.

As for the mobile site, Tudelü tasked us with carrying over their existing site into new platforms without losing any of the flavor. We stayed true to the original design and reworked only the technical details necessary for rendering the site for the challenging mobile field. Again, Tudelü was pleased with our results, and we’re happy to continue working along side a company with so much promise.