Luxury Brand with Modern Twist | Forwardslash - Web Strategy, Design, & Development in Brooklyn, NY

Hedy’s has spent three decades in retail and wholesale, before refocusing on corporate gifting. Determined to use that expertise, not merely to get the best value for clients, but also to appeal to businesses of all sizes, Hedy’s was ready to project itself as the best option for high end corporate gifting for modern companies.

The Challenge

We were hired to create a new brand for Hedy’s, one that reflects the value and quality they provide, while appealing to a modern demographic, from large corporations to hip start-ups. Demographic research told us that clients were often concerned that corporate gifting can be too generic or not have such great value. We were therefore determined to create a luxury brand with a modern twist.

The Solution

We translated that brand into a cutting edge website, with complex coding that creates an immersive and clear experience for Hedy’s clients and prospective clients. From explaining the business model and process, to showcasing the sort of gifting options available, we were determined to make it clear that Hedy’s understands your corporate needs, provides clear incentives, and monitors progress closely, in order to provide you with the best value in providing your employees and customers with great options.