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Kings of the Playground

Located in the heart of Amish country, for generations King Swings creates remarkably well-made, durable swing sets.

A good, honest company, run by good, honest people, we enjoyed an immediate shared understanding between our teams, from their commitment to workmanship, to their pride in a job well done.

The Challenge

The King Swings sales team needed a better way to show design options and sell to clients.

Part of what made their company so unique was their high level of customization:
models, materials, colors, accessories – each with tremendous variations.

While options were endless, it was often hard for their clients to visualize the possibilities and end-product. Additionally, sales reps were hand sketching concepts, then completing the details with a paper sales sheet.

As the company grew, what they really needed was a digital platform where their sales team could easily build, present and modify options with clients.

Mapping the Journey

Next up was the in-depth process of mapping the user journey. In order to truly help the primary app users – King Swings sales reps – we would need a full grasp of their sales process from start to finish. By embedding ourselves in their sales process we discovered answers to questions like: “How did it all begin?” and “What were the first steps they took, when they began to construct a playset with clients?” as well and the common questions and concerns they faced.

In search of the right technology

What language would best suit the apps needs? What platform could we use to create an accurate, robust, and cohesive world?

To add every greater complexity, the platform would need to transverse seamlessly between IOS, Android, and multiple web browsers, while feeling native to any computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Our development team explored many routes, eventually landing on a code known as Unity.

On the spot selling

King Swing’s new app has all but eliminated what was once a long, drawn out and complex sales process.

With an easy to use, fully comprehensive and to-scale virtual universe right at their fingertips, the sales team can render concepts for every size yard and application.

Then, when meeting with a client, the rep can manipulate colors, add accessories, and adjust sizing on the spot. Additionally, upselling is as easy as tapping through and presenting better, more premium options.

A platform for true, scalable growth

With designs finalized, the sales rep can instantly generate a pdf with a clear, 3D rendering of what they purchased, and detailed pricing. As their reputation (and business) continues to grow, King Swing has a streamlined, user-friendly, simple, fully digital sales process that not only keeps up, but gives them a true and unique competitive edge.

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