Engagement Platform for Disruptive Startup POS System | Forwardslash - Web Strategy, Design, & Development in Brooklyn, NY

The Challenge

Help a revolutionary POS startup boost sales and marketing by establishing their brand identity, differentiating their product offering and capture leads through a powerful landing page.

As a leading provider of payment processing solutions to retailers, the team at First Choice had unparalleled insight into the challenges and missed opportunities their clients were experiencing. Driven by the belief that a POS systems could be business accelerator rather than an expense, they set out to build a proprietary POS platform from the ground up. First Choice POS features greater customizability, advanced features and more capabilities than any other POS currently available to their brick and mortar clients.

After extensively refining and testing their product, FCPOS partnered with Forwardslash to launch it to the public.

The Process

FCPOS required a web presence that would establish their offering brand as a cutting edge solution, while clearly and quickly communicating their value proposition to busy retailers

During our discovery phase we distilled the complex features and benefits of the platform into key  engaging selling points targeting users top pain points. Following the content creation phase the UI design and front end development teams brought the content to life by creatively finding the best ways to visually communicate the content.

Our development team customized the WordPress CMS for easily updating content and SEO optimization efforts. The mobile responsive front end features fluid navigation between content and easy to fill contact forms for increased conversions.

The Results

The landing page we created established a strong visual identity for the brand while highlighting the product’s key features and benefits. Our client’s sales and marketing endeavors were energized through the beautiful engagement platform they so richly deserved.