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The Challenge

Telebroad was growing in leaps and bounds, and their old website from years ago just wasn’t doing them justice. They needed a modern, up-to-date site that would actively communicate the benefits of working with them..

Over the past few years, the company has built out one of the most advanced hosted communication platforms available, packed with winning features and cutting-edge capabilities. They offer a vast range of communication services, including complete telephone systems for businesses & call centers, video conferencing, eFaxes, and more.

Communication Barriers

Because of the vast areas of services the company offers to a wide range of companies – from small businesses to enterprises – we needed to create a very robust site with both strong content and design needed to be very robust.

The site also needed to be easy for people to navigate and use, and include strong calls to actions that would convert visitors into leads and help Telebroad sign new accounts.

The Process:

Our first job was to clearly differentiate Telebroad from other communication hosts, in order to clearly position the company as an industry leader. And so, we began by building out an entire digital personality for them, with an engaging brand voice and enhanced visuals based off their existing marketing materials.

The Art of Communication

We designed bold, modern illustrations and iconography using Telebroads strong brand colors – clearly communicating Telebroad’s powerful capabilities.

Because of the wide range of services the company offered, we created multiple landing pages that fully showcased each department.

The client utilized their in-house development team to code and launch the side

The Result

Effective Communication

From upfront strategy to content and design, we worked closely with the entire Telebroad team to develop and launch a website that truly reflected the company’s brand and unique services in modern fashion.

We completely refreshed and updated their look with a bold visual style that continues to engage site visitors and convert users into valuable leads. The look we created was not only distinct and different, but clearly communicated Telebroad’s extensive capabilities.

The client was absolutely blown away with the final result. Thrilled, they told us:“You didn’t just create a website for us, you created an entire branded look we can use across all our marketing channels.”