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Castling Capital Group replaces the endless meetings, paperwork and phone calls with innovative technology, giving clients a platform to apply, track and calculate their loan process, obtaining the loan swiftly and smoothly.

The Challenge

When Castling Capital approached Forwardslash, they had a vision of innovation. Forwardslash brought that vision to life on the web, enabling their clients to apply for loans on their user-friendly platform.

Main Problem

The problem? Although applying for a loan was made simple through their new technology, they wanted to simplify the entire process, all the way through the finish line.

Meeting their Match

Once the loan application was submitted, clients want to stay informed of its progress at any given moment. Conversing through emails tended to be time consuming and untimely. At the same time, the Castling Group was searching for a simple and streamlined solution to inform their clients of requirements at each stage of the loan process. Much like their revolutionary loan application, they wanted a means to ease and speed up the loan process.

The Game Plan

Forwardslash upped their game by creating a unique application interface that fully integrates with Castling’s internal CRM, complete with their brand theme and colors. By building a modern and futuristic app with custom integration and processes, Forwardslash checked all their boxes and then some.


Upping their Game

Now, when a new customer applies for a loan on Castling’s website, the custom application is triggered to create a CastApp account, inviting the clients to set up their account via email. Castling’s clients can now assess their loan status in their palms. They no longer need to make a phone call, saving them time and giving them peace of mind, while staying ahead of the game.

Moving ahead

As the loan status changes, their clients receive periodic emails, triggered by the CRM, outlining the next steps. What’s more, they can now apply for new loans directly from this all-inclusive app.

A Slayer for the Team Player

Forwardslash developed a loan dashboard uniquely for Castling’s admins, where they can access, view, and sort all the loans assigned to them via Hubspot, including internal information specific to super admins

Winning the Game

By understanding their concerns, Forwardslash guided Castling with the resolution that would strengthen their company. With a simplified and streamlined solution, Forwardslash upped their game. So Castling and their clients win. Every time.

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