Bringing Stories to Life Through Art | Forwardslash - Web Strategy, Design, & Development in Brooklyn, NY

The Challenge

With a company that’s focused on making stories come alive through art, we knew we had to make the StoriesToArt website unrivaled in both functionality and performance. Tasked with technical consulting as well as full stack development, we needed to focus on creating a robust online marketplace for artists while allowing the well crafted design to shine through the front end development.

The Client

StoriesToArt provides a marketplace for local artists to sell their art and and a service for individuals by giving them the opportunity to buy art that tells their personal story. Users can choose from a huge selection of existing artwork, or they can commission an artist to create an original piece of art just for them — both at affordable prices. StoriesToArt promotes everything art, including artists, their work, and art education.

The Process

In taking on this large project, our team of developers and project managers began by closely collaborating with the StoriesToArt creative, design, and executive teams to ensure that we were developing and implementing features and ideas into the site that embodied StoriesToArt’s mission and ideology.

We handled technical consulting and full stack development, including everything from server architecture to mobile responsive coding utilizing cutting edge technology to create the best experience for users and artists alike.
It was critical that the technical execution of this project be streamlined and efficient while adhering to the detailed design and performance requirements. In order to facilitate complex transactions between customers and artists, we incorporated custom payment and shipping modules making it easy to get paid and prepare shipping labels directly from the artist’s account.Artists have the ability to manage their profiles and storefront with autonomy while maintaining the integrity of the StoriesToArt community.

The Results

By handling project management, coordination, schedule tracking, and scope, as well as the actual implementation of ideas and site development, we were empowered by StoriesToArt to really embrace our creative and technical capabilities, which resulted in a completed project that both our team and the StoriesToArt team is proud to have live. We were excited to take on a project of this caliber and scope and enthusiastic about tackling the challenge that this project presented. It was an incredible opportunity to be a part of this unique startup’s success.