Bringing a Startup Vision to Life | Forwardslash - Web Strategy, Design, & Development in Brooklyn, NY

The Challenge

To realize one entrepreneur’s business dreams for a largely untapped industry and make them a fully functional reality through marketing, web site design, and the custom development of a unique blueprint tagging system.

The industry of construction documentation photography is largely unknown but is highly valuable to contractors, developers and owners. In fact, our client’s photos have saved construction companies thousands of dollars by easily revealing problems – contractors can pinpoint trouble areas in old photos without having to tear down already-built walls or furnishing.

The Process

Our first task was marketing. We needed to put the business on paper, isolate the services he offered, and strategize how to promote them. We designed his logo, built the foundation for his brand, and planned out what the business needed not just to survive, but thrive. From those initial meetings, Envision was born.

The next task was the website. Essentially, we built a digital voice to explain what Envision is and how it can help. The fully mobile responsive site does this with simplicity, ease, and stylistic visuals. Sample photographs and testimonials from past clients who saved money thanks to Envision are all available with the click of a mouse. The company now had a face and way to interact with the world.

Our last and perhaps hardest task was to invent a backend system that supported the everyday work done by Envision. We designed and developed a sophisticated app that allows the company to tag their photos into a system display, for example, a blueprint. Clients and employees have only to click the relevant area of the blueprint to see the available pictures. This allows the entire process to flow smoother than with any other company in the industry.

The Results

Our client couldn’t have been happier with our work. His dreams had come true, and we fulfilled the opportunity to take our capabilities to new heights.