Aura Medical | Forwardslash - Web Strategy, Design, & Development in Brooklyn, NY

A fresh new site for a refreshing medical brand

Aura Medical creates cutting-edge respiratory devices carried by major pharmaceutical companies & big box stores such as CVS & Walmart across the US.
Their revolutionary technology provides patients with unheard of portability, comfort,
and medical treatment.
Their existing site simply did not do their product lines justice. To increase online conversions, Aura Medical knew they’d need a site with more robust eCommerce capabilities and functions; a site that would not only list ‘items for sale’, but would actively sell by showcasing its life-changing products and communicating their benefits in a way that truly resonated.

They turned to ForwardslashNY.

The challenge: Making a complex
medical topic accessible

While the technologies Aura implements are complex, to make a buying decision every site visitor would need to feel fully educated, informed and spoken to. This is because Aura Medical’s potential market spans across a wide range of ages, educational backgrounds, locations, and demographics.

Their site would need to be sophisticated and detailed enough to provide wholesale buyers and healthcare professionals the information they need. But at the same time,
it had to be universally appealing and inviting to consumers.

Building a breath of fresh air

ForwardslashNY began by diving into Aura’s existing branding. Taking cues their existing logo and packaging, our designers created a bright visual identity that was at once robust and pharmaceutical, yet still friendly and accessible

To explain how each device worked, we employed a 360°, multimedia approach. We chose to use simple, clear language that worked hand-in-hand with video, animation, diagrams, and other visual elements. This allowed us to impart complex topics in a way that was comprehensive, insightful, and respectful of all audiences.

Providing plenty of room to breathe

Thanks to fully custom, immersive UX design, Aura Medical now has an online presence that truly meets their needs and represents who they are.

Their new site functions not just a marketplace, but as a robust partner to their sales efforts; a launching platform, helping them sell products to interested parties and expand into new markets.
Suggested accessories allow buyers to find items that are useful, and an intuitive process converts interested prospects into informed and satisfied buyers.

Visual cues throughout the site build upon Aura’s innovative products without overwhelming users; visitors can easily navigate between topics, and drill down to find just the right product to address their level of need.

Educational materials flow intuitively, guiding readers seeking more information and helping them truly grasp what makes Aura products special.

Forward slash did not neglect the Aura Medical team. The developers designed a robust, clearly organized backend that allows the team to quickly and easily add and modify products and content as they continue to grow.